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Rev Esmé Bouwers on the role of the local church

By Jun 20, 2016 No Comments

winterskool-esme-bouwers-church-on-a-hillRev Esmé Bouwers was a keynote speaker at this years Winter School in Stellenbosch. She confronted and motivated the Winter School delegates with the question: is the church a city on a hill or “agter die klip”? What are the stones that hinder the church to shine and be the salt?

She described places in her own life where she saw the church as it should be – unified, in spite of theological differences. Humbly asking forgiveness. Seeking to serve.

We should discover our local church’s purpose. It should not be about growing in numbers or building bigger churches, but it should rather be about serving.

Read Eph, Rom, 1Kor 12, Rev.

Each congregation has its own sin, challenges and recommendations

It is His church! Each church should be a light in the community in which they are in.

She explained why we should not only be a home for all as church, but why we must have a heart for all!! She challenged the delegates to rethink the role of women and the youth in leadership. She challenged the diversity and inclusion of all in churches.

The church is a:

City on a hill!

Salt and light!

Rev Esmé Bouwers is reshaping the way we think about women in leadership positions by her own example. Her affirmation of the local church gave me hope and made me think about my own congregation’s role in the community.